I’d Rather Stick with the Hipsters – A Response to Louder with Crowder

I was sent an article by Kacie Burnett and Steven Crowder regarding equality and I have a few points of argument I’d like to make. If you aren’t familiar with the article I have it linked here, Dear Liberal, Hipster Christians: You’ve Made ‘Equality’ Your New God… Please, feel free to read it first.

Kacie & Steven – I understand your concern. The world is changing, and that can be scary. What I don’t understand, is your attitude. You can be angry and upset, but you are not going to win any souls for Jesus with your tone.

I get it, attitude sells. Considering the number of famous Jesus lovers out there, the best way to win the masses and get your page views is by being outraged, because loving people is so 2,000 years ago.

After reading your post, I got angry too. Your post made me sin by giving into that anger and writing a response much longer than the one that’s been shared here now. Originally, it was just as angry as yours, but I hope now I can share my feelings on this equality thing without doing so self-righteously.

You’ve traded in your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control in favor of the anti-melennial rhetoric. Trust me, I tried to just pick one or two of those fruits that you’ve left behind, but as I continue to reread your post, all of them felt important enough to be stated.

You traded in your compassion for page views. Your target audience isn’t the people God sent you to witness to, but instead it’s the people that already know Him and are angry at the young people that are changing your church.

I can think of a few people that didn’t like the loving, accepting message Jesus came to share. 

I get it, your angry. You looked around and saw young people different than you, with tattoos or piercings and you rushed to cling to your traditions. You’ve declared yourself better and more devout than those different than you, and whenever someone points out that Jesus did get righteously angry you brush it under the rug. I hate to remind you, but the ones He was angry with were people that seem a lot like you.

All of this is about love. Jesus is love. We see it over and over again. Go ahead and cite Luke when you want to say God isn’t our arbitrator, but I’ll site all the other places He is. God decided the Israelites inheritance. God declared years where all property was returned to original owners. God demands that we do not stand by idly when our brothers and sisters starve.

You’re right, there’s nothing Christian about spending somebody else’s money. Everything we have is Gods, and we have no right to spend it. We are not our own. Raising taxes to clothe the poor and feed the hungry is not something to complain over. Providing free education to send our people to school so that they can learn how to do jobs so they can provide for their own house is not a crime.

That section of 1 Timothy you cited is all about the church caring for the people. Not condemning those who have fallen into hardship. I’m trying to answer the call presented there, “As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear,” (1 Timothy 5:20).

There is no redistribution by force here. Nobody is taking your money, because it’s not your finances. They are God’s finances. He just so happened to bless you with what you have,  but nobody should be taking it from you by force. You should be giving it all willingly and joyfully, because it was never yours in the first place.

There wouldn’t be a need for higher taxes to create these programs, if the church and God’s people did the work themselves. Freely give your money to the food bank until nobody in your community goes to bed hungry. Freely give your money to the shelters until nobody in your community goes to bed in the streets. Freely give until you have nothing left to give, and God will provide everything you need. 

You’re right, We shouldn’t have single issue voters, and we shouldn’t have single issue voters when it comes to abortion. It’s legal, it’s been upheld by the supreme court, the debate is over. It is just short of impossible to change the law now.

Do you realize, we could reduce our teen pregnancy rate by teaching comprehensive sex education in school, starting a much younger age then we do now? The rate of abortion would be lowered with wider access to birth control and contraception but I don’t see you advocating for these things in your post? Don’t bash Bernie Sanders or the fight for access to education and medicine if you’re not willing to provide the support people need instead.

Why don’t you use your anger to help us as a people come together to provide spiritual, emotional, and financial support to mothers who aren’t ready to be moms yet? Then it wouldn’t matter if abortion is legal or not, because our nation would be full of educated people, who know how to use contraception. People who know about their options such as adoption, or are supported with programs to pay for food, housing, and childcare.

Women would learn how to become the mothers God made them to be by us, rather than be shouted at from the sidewalk for visiting a doctor when nobody else stepped up to help. Instead of condemning people for wanting to end the life of their unborn child, why don’t we work together to create programs to support them?

You toss Christian vales of love, equality and compassion to the wayside because you are scared. You’re scared of your changing church, your changing society, and your changing world. We’re scared too. We’re just as scared of the world we live in, full of wars started by a different generation. A world filled with crime because the only way to get out of poverty is to sell drugs or our bodies. If you’re so angry why aren’t you stepping up to help them?

We want to teach equality because we are equal. We need to strive for equality because we are all God’s children. He loves all of us the same and nobody is lesser to Him than another. I will skip church if it means I’m protesting injustice. I will take a gender studies class if it helps me learn about the people who need God’s love the most. I will do what I have to do if it promotes His kingdom and allows us to reach His people.

The saddest bit of this all is your hate. Tradition is your new idol. Hate, tradition and entitlement have made you into something very different that a follower of the God of Abraham. 1 John 2:4 is right, the truth is not in you.

The United States of America is not the richest nation in the world, not when looking at purchasing power, real growth rate, or GDP per capita. I’m not even sure how you could argue we’re the freest nation in the world considering we have the highest rate of incarceration than anywhere else in the world.

The persecution of other Christians breaks my heart, but their suffering does not disqualify our own. We whine, complain, and fall to the altar of God to not only ease their suffering, but to help us in our endeavors to end our own.

God warned us against a king, He warned us from walking away from Him. He warned us against ourselves, yet here we are today. A lot of people have helped get us to the nation we are, good and bad alike.

We must be like other countries, we must solve problems such as poverty, underemployment, and crime. We need to look to other countries to stop the mass shootings and reduce the suicide rate. Tolerance does fit nicer on a bumper sticker than the names of the 40,000 Americans who kill themselves each year. 

Socialism may not be God’s way, but neither is whatever you want to call our current state of affairs. Our nation isn’t living the way God intended us to, and that’s not the young people’s fault.

In all honestly, when standing next to people with attitudes like yours, I do hesitate to declare myself a Christian too. I don’t want to be associated with the anger you have in your heart. I want to be associated with the love in Jesus’. At the end of the day, it is about my relationship with God, my creator and savior.

The only feet I’m kissing is His, and I’d appreciate if you’d stop kissing your own.


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Allysha is a Jesus loving wife living in Lafayette, IN. Currently a graduate student at IUPUI, she spends her free time writing, crafting & dabbling in photography. You can find Allysha on her personal blog, allyshalynn.com, or blogging with her husband at tayloredtogether.blog, as well as all over the internet @allyshalynnblog.

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